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HiPajak is an app that has a goal to give an effective solution to users regarding Taxes related problems. However, like many apps, it’s not always running smoothly. It comes with some of the problems and that’s where I am interested to dig and see what can I do to make it better.


These research goals are :

  • Understanding user behavior using this application.
  • Finding features that can be improved.
  • If People running into the same problem with me or if they have their own pain point.

Main Finding

Based on the results, of Usability Testing with 4 participants. the main problems faced by users are:

1. Confusing

Users actually confused about where they needed to head once they arrived at the main menu since there is no guide on where to go/what to do. Users need to figure it out by themself that end up never finishing the process of using the app and just finish halfway through or even at the beginning because they feel confused. A lot of users feel too lazy after getting too many questions that were asked.

2. Monetization/Price

According to the survey, the biggest reason why users do not subscribe to the app feature is due to the price being too high with little to offer. Coming from a business perspective, i do understand that the app needs to be able to be profitable, especially freebies apps.

Affinity Diagram

After conducting IDI, we grouped each statement by using Affinity Diagram. By using this technique it will help us to know more about how users behavior while using the app itself. For the result, you can look down below.


After getting internal data from HiPajak itself, here is the latest survey data with 319 respondent:

User Pesona


Based on the user’s pain point, we suggest:

1. Adding a dictionary button on each section will help users by trying to explain it as simple as it can.

2. We actually can cut some unnecessary questions, and skip to the important part. So users will not feel cranky, or frustrated to access the app.

3. Optional way to supported the app while the app still free is by adding banner apps, or watching ads to access premium menu.

Information Architecture

Wireframe/User Flow

Mock Up

Rekomendasi Pajak

Based on the research results, 50% of users have difficulty with the wording that is used on the form. That is why in the new design we took a more friendly approach with the wording that is more likely easier to understand for people who are not familiar with taxes terms.

Draft SPT

Based on qualitative research that has been done. many users feel frustrated, or got lazy due to the form that they need to filled way too many, and some of the questions feel unnecessary to fill and feel like it can be cut so users can feel more relieved. Also, a lot of tax term was used in this section which confused users, especially first-timers who start reporting their taxes, although the help button was there, users seem not to realize it because it blended with the background or was too small. The Indicator of where you at right now are also added above the question, so users know where are they now, and how many questions are needed in order to finish the form.


Based on IDI and Survey results, the reason people are not willing to subscribe is due to the price being too expensive, there alternative that cost $0, and feedback from UT said they still don’t know the advantage of the subscription itself since they don’t understand what they actually needed, or which package that suits their need. so besides redesigning the subscription page, I also add another way in order for users able to access premium content and also still benefit the apps to earn money. This adding option to watch ads, and can access the feature for 5 minutes, then in the Article section itself, it included an article with ads in there, like every 2 article there one article ads below. And when you tap one of the articles, there is an ads article in between.

Home Overhaul

Based on quantitative research, survey result. the biggest feedback to improve is to add some features. It’s not specific what feature, so by that I add what I thought am needed and some additional thing to help user to engage more with the apps which are to add Navigation Bar below, adding article section to help give education regarding tax-related, Newest info, to give users the latest info/promo that can be used in HiPajak.

Log In

This is purely just an additional thing I want to improve, it’s an option for users to login/register by binding their Facebook or Google Accounts to the apps, looking at many apps that has been implement this stuff for a while, I think it’s not a bad idea although not necessary to add this feature.


This prototype contains 55 screens which start from the login page, Onboard Images, Home Pages, Rekomendasi Pajak, Draft SPT, Subscribe, Article, Infos menu, and other menus in the navbar that users can explore as a bit glimpse of what it look like if they are able to press it. You too can check the prototype itself, by clicking on the link below :

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Usability Test

Now we will look at how effective/more efficient the new design that I have made to help users do their tasks by conducting Usability Testing. Since the moment I made this the pandemic still ongoing, we conduct the UT by using Google meet. Participants were given the prototype link and shared their screen during their process

You can see a complete usability testing report here :

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Summaries & Reccomendadtion

Task given

The participants were givens several tasks, to compare the experience using the old version and the newer version

  • To go to Rekomendasi Pajak menu, and filled the form
  • Going into Draft SPT to fill the form, follow up from Rekomendasi Pajak
  • Trying to subscribe to the app, in order to able to access Premium Content
  • Experience watching ads as an option to able to access Premium Content
  • Exploring New features such as Article, Newest Info & Navigation Bar

Task #1:

Go to “Rekomendasi Pajak” menu

All user were able to complete the first task with no problem, one mentioned that with these type of form, it feel comfortable than the previous one (chat type) to filled, and the indicator showing how many question left to filled also help them knowing where are they now.

Task #2:

Go to “Draft SPT” menu

80% of users manage to complete the task with how i intended. They feel more enjoy than stressed after knowing some of unnecessary question can be skip. But, one user have a problem to find the next button due the button color have similar color with indicator button below.

Task #3:

Subscribe after filling form

50% of users have difficulty finding subscribe menu. There are two way users can do a subscription, one by going into ‘Free’ button that shown in the homescreen menu. The second one by going to ‘Lainnya’ and choose ‘Berlangganan’. And all user finished the task using the second option.

Task #4:

Watch an Ads for Premium feature

All users were ok to watching ads to access the content, however they have variant answer regarding watching ads. 50% users were okay to watch 1 minutes of ads, 25% were okay to watch an ads up to 30s, and the other want to watch a shorter ads once.

Task #5:

Explore the newest feature

On the last task, they are more eager with Info/Promo menu that were shown rather than article menu, all of users are agree to not have ads when they read an article, they all agree with navigation bar feature implement.

50% of users have difficulty finding subscribe menu. There are two way users can do a subscription, one by going into ‘Free’ button that shown in the homescreen menu. The second one by going to ‘Lainnya’ and choose ‘Berlangganan’. And all user finished the task using the second option.
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